*Northeast Organic Farming Association

In 2004, after many years in the corporate world, Sandy returned to school to

earn a Master of Arts degree in Landscape Design and Sustainable Land

Management at THE CONWAY SCHOOL in Massachusetts. The intensely

ecological program enlightened Sandy about the roles design and analysis

play in sustainable landscape. She was also smitten with the beauty of plants,

the elegance of design and the imperatives of the environment.

Several years at a design and build firm for residential properties in northern New Jersey was the learning experience needed to prepare Sandy for her unique, self-owned design firm in western NEW JERSEY where the emphasis on native plants, the health of the soil, integrated irrigation methodology and environmentally smart, but beautifully designed landscapes dominate. 

Furthering her knowledge of environmentally sound landscape practices, Sandy has become an Accredited NOFA* Professional, enabling her to offer organic horticulture and land care choices. She is growing organically managed (not yet certified) produce on a small farm and distributing to local restaurants and markets.

Sandy is also serving as Trustee for the Tewksbury Land Trust.