“Every time we walk out our front door, into our yard we feel lucky to live here. We are grateful that Sandy’s firm created this for us!” 
Judy and Ken of Montclair, NJ

“A creative eye and strong environmental sensitivity worked perfectly for us; we really love our yard, feel like good citizens of the land, and use it more than ever before!” 
Paul & Rachel of Montclair, NJ

“Until this project, we had severe drainage problems and an unkempt yard. Not only are the water issues resolved, but we never dreamed our property could look so beautiful” 
Shannon and Melanie of Mountainville, NJ
With a romantic aesthetic and bucolic attitude, Ross Landscape Design can deliver a well thought out design to make you both comfortable and pleased. 

Good design means understanding the big-picture architecture of a place -- the buildings, walkways, patios, parking areas, etc., but also incorporating the architecture of the detailed setting. A good analysis of a site’s existing conditions helps develop wise landscaping goals and, of course, enhance the property. 

Always with an eye toward minimizing any negative environmental effects, projects are designed to delight you -- at a reasonable cost to your budget and toward the health of your surroundings. Through long-term sustainable design choices and ecologically thoughtful construction methodologies, we try to meet your goals no matter what size project you are considering. These goals may include increasing appeal and usability, providing new or renovated inspiration for gardens, anchoring buildings to the surroundings, enhancing new construction or resolving land-matter problems such as drainage.

Projects might include creating:        
  a new look for the home’s entrance to immediately improve curb appeal
  a full master plan for the yard
  a simple patio with planting beds 
  a relaxing entertainment space, child play area or swimming pool and deck
  planting beds for growing flowers, foods, or enchanting gardens,        
        rain gardens, bio-swales, sustainable storm-water management
  a wildflower meadow to replace a portion of a lawn

Or it might mean transforming:
  tired or problematic areas of the property into creative new spaces with a fresh look,                      a driveway for added parking, and gracefully landscaped planting beds
  unused fragments of the yard into useable new spaces, whatever the size
 a wet, mucky edge of the yard into a rain garden, with swaying grasses and perennials to perform ecological functions such as filtering storm water before it replenishes local water-supply aquifers.

  A meeting is held with the client to discuss what they desire for the project, including           aesthetic preferences and wish list items.
  A thorough site analysis is conducted to determine all relevant existing conditions.
  A preliminary design is developed by RLD and presented to the client as a basis for discussion and eventual final design. For very small projects this may be the only actual drawing, but will enable clarification of the final plan. Also at this meeting, a preliminary budget estimate will be presented to the client.
  A final program is developed and a design drawing presented, along with a proposal for all costs.
    Note: Certain elements of the budget will be estimates, as the final construction         
    costs may differ due to changes during construction, unforeseen issues or plant 

Project Added Value 
    is achieved through a generous plant warranty and as well as a bonus professional portrait of family members in their newly landscaped environment.